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"Can Type 2 Diabetes Really Be Reversed?"

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“I though that I was doomed to have diabetes and the long list of issues that come along with diabetes.  Dr. Goodrich helped me understand why I was pre-diabetic and how to avoid becoming a full blown diabetic having to inject myself daily. My A1C is now in the normal range, I’m sleeping better, I’ve lost 26 lbs and my sugar cravings are gone.”
Gina R.
SF Wellness Center Patient
"I have been to so many doctors trying to find a solution. No one could give me answers other than I was going to have to take pills for the rest of my life because it is in my genes.  I was referred to Dr. Goodrich and with much hesitation and skepticism I schedule a consult. I was so impressed by her knowledge and understanding of human body but more so as how it related to me. Here I am six months later, feeling alive and healthy again. My bloodwork is nearly perfect for the first time in years."
Lourdes Díaz
SF Wellness Center Patient
“I found Dr. Aixa Goodrich after I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I had no energy, I felt weak, I was gaining weight and not sleeping well. Now I am a different person, more energetic, happier, and I feel healthier and in control of my life. Dr. Goodrich helped me get to the root cause of my illness through specialized testing and a customized program. Now I see things from a different perspective.  She helped me to change the way I look at health, the way I eat and feel, and the way I think by taking a mind body approach. I am still a work in progress, but I am so grateful to Dr. Goodrich for helping me with her knowledge and experience to finally regain my health and my life back.”
Julie D.
SF Wellness Center Patient
I felt like I no longer had the strength to carry on with my day and I had no interest in doing anything. I was overweight, fatigued and the insulin made everything worse. One day my daughter Annie took me by the hand and told me she was taking me to see you. I was curious because I had seen the extraordinary results she got when she treated with you.  She had mentioned the testing I would have to do and I was so surprised that I could do them from my country. I wasn’t sure I could follow a plan like she did because of my age. I just kept giving myself and her excuses as to why I might not be able to succeed like she had. As soon as I met you I decided you were the one that could help me out of this situation.  Your attitude, attention to detail and knowledge gave me the confidence I needed. You just simply won me over. Since I began your program, I feel more energetic, lighter, at peace and the pounds are dropping off. I can now say that I have drastically lowered my insulin doses and feel fabulous. I cannot thank you enough for helping me win this battle with diabetes and insulin.
Denise Mangones
SF Wellness Center Patient