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Join our webinar to learn more about this unique type 2 diabetes treatment!

Know the Facts about Type 2 Diabetes!

We provide informative and effective methods that help treat Type 2 naturally. Unlike medications and surgery, we tackle the root of the problem, not just mask the symptoms.

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what you'll learn from this training:

Type 2 Diabetes explained!

We will break down Type 2 Diabetes and explain in detail so you will be able to understand how unique our approach is.

misconceptions and mistakes about type 2

We're plan on sharing some of the most common misconceptions, mistakes, and roadblocks type 2 diabetics will face and common solutions that almost never work!

the type 2 reversal method

After watching this training you'll walk away with confidence knowing what you need to have in place to ensure that you can make steps in the right direction!

Click to the button above to claim your FREE access to my Type 2 Diabetes training Webinar, eating tips and secrets!

Join this Seminar for a no cost type 2 diabetes training session

Learn the EXACT Method to Have A Clear Understanding of  Type 2 Diabetes and how thousands of our patients, like the ones below, have seen success with our system:

"I thought that I was doomed to have diabetes and the long list of issues that come along with diabetes. Dr. Goodrich helped me understand why I was pre-diabetic and how to avoid becoming a full blown diabetic having to inject myself daily. My A1C is now in the normal range, I’m sleeping better, I’ve lost 26 lbs and my sugar cravings are gone!”
“I have been to so many doctors trying to find a solution. No one could give me answers other than I was going to have to take pills for the rest of my life because it is in my genes. I was referred to Dr. Goodrich and with much hesitation and skepticism I schedule a consult. I was so impressed by her knowledge and understanding of the human body but more so as how it related to me. Here I am six months later, feeling alive and healthy again. My bloodwork is nearly perfect for the first time in years!”
"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this program! Dr. Goodrich truly gets to the bottom of things. She is blunt, honest, real down to earth, and direct doesn't sugar coat anything for you. I have not been this healthy for a long time. I am motivated, I take care of myself and I exercise! I was able to form healthy habits and I am loving it."

what you will learn during this free training:

And much much more!

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training Webinar, eating tips and secrets!

Dr. Aixa Goodrich

Dr. Aixa Goodrich, the founder and owner of South Florida Rehabilitation & Wellness Center and Manifest Your Epic Life, is dedicated to providing personalized healthcare by identifying and addressing the root causes of illness through an approach called Functional and Integrative Medicine. Her functional approach helps her find answers so she can treat the root cause of disease instead of just treating the symptoms. She works closely with her patients to explore their health and identify areas of improvement with both traditional medicine as well as nutritional support to maximize their health and well being. Dr. Goodrich is a Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, Chiropractic Physician and Certified Transformational Life Coach. She received a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and her Doctorate degree from Logan University. She is certified in Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Nutrition through eCornell.

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